Grids- Get creative with possibilities.  An example might be to play through the grids diddling on single partials while simultaneously moving the accent. Play paradiddle stickings with moving accent. Examine other possibilities.  Be able to play all exercises while marking time and on the move.  Your feet timing and energy while playing are key to your successful audition!  

Keep in mind that Arsenals Battery Warn Up and Technique Book is a working document.  There may be occasional changes so continue to check the website for additional information, updates and possibly music.  E-mail Art Jimenez at battery@arsenalperformingarts.org if you have any questions.  


Looking forward to seeing everyone at the audition!


-Art Jimenez-

Arsenal Percussion Caption Head/

Battery Coordinator

Front Ensemble

Congratulations on taking your first step towards auditioning for Arsenal. We are very excited for the progress of this organization, after being named “Best in Show” for two years, then earning the Silver Medal at the Drum Corps International Southwestern Championships in San Antonio in the SoundSport Category. By preparing for this audition, you’ve shown that you have the desire and courage it takes to be a member of Arsenal Drum and Bugle Corps.
Auditions are open to musicians ages 14 – 21. According to DCI rules, members cannot be over 22 years of age as of 12:01 a.m. on June 1st of any given calendar year. Although our rehearsals will take place in El Paso, all musicians in the surrounding area are welcome to audition for the ensemble. This year we will be holding auditions for the following instruments:


• Marimba • Vibraphone • Xylo./Glock. • Synthesizer • Guitar • Bass Guitar • Drumset • Auxiliary Percussion
There are a limited number of positions for each instrument. You should come prepared to audition on the instrument of your choice but understand that the needs of the ensemble take precedence over preference.  Email Anthony Yrigoyen at frontline@arsenalperformingarts.org if you have any questions.

-Anthony Yrigoyen

Arsenal Front Ensemble Coordinator-